About CSR

Paltel Group Social Responsibility Fund was established in early 2005 and was officially announced by Sabih Masri, the Group Chairman at the Eighth General Assembly in Ramallah, in April 2005. The Fund was established as a natural response to the human role Paltel Group envisioned for Palestinian society, in addition to its core role in providing different telecom services. The Fund was based on the Group’s understanding that it does not operate in a social bubble, but rather plays a significant role in the Palestinian community which has its unique mission in giving back to the society in which it operates.

The Group views its social responsibility in balance with the size of its investments; therefore, the Group’s direction since launching CSR is based on a strategic vision that provides the community with human, social, cultural and health services. In addition, the Fund contributes to achieving sustainable development in the technology sector. That strategic vision is a reflection of the Group’s commitment to implement its human and developmental role. Under this direction, the Group allocates a portion of its profits on an annual basis as part of its commitment to give back to the society in which it operates and to ease the sufferings of people who are in need and experiencing hardships. The Group also aims to give back to the community via all its activities, events and programs that contribute to mobilizing the wheel of socio-economic development in Palestine.

The announcement of Paltel Group’s CSR Fund is the first initiative of its kind in Palestine and one of the first in the Arab region which led many Palestinian companies to follow our lead in this field. Today, social responsibility has become a well-known concept in the Palestinian private sector that is still being built upon and enhanced. 


Support the different sectors to access all segments and groups in the society and respond to their needs. Endeavor for sustainable community development with informed and best transparency criteria taking into consideration the geographic distribution of the population and the marginalised zones together with poverty rates. 


Promoting the Palestinian Society and making holistic change 


  • Promote Paltel Group's pioneer role in community support 
  • Contribute to fulfilling the needs of the Palestinian society in the area of technology, human development and empowerment of women. 
  • Supporting Civil Society to enable it Best Serve Local Communities